Smart Thermal Kiosk Troubleshooting Guide

My device won’t power on Make sure the device is plugged into the power. The device should start automatically within 30 seconds, if it doesn’t press down the power button for 5 seconds. The temperature scanning app didn’t launch when I powered on the Smart Thermal Kiosk It may take a few minutes to launch. […]

Create New Location

Many organization have multiple locations (branch offices). They often want to track their data separately per location. Yet have the ability to get an overall view for all locations together. The location feature in SmileMe.In enables you to create multiple locations to map out how your organization is laid out. The location feature also comes […]

Create New User

In order to use SmileMe.In for temperature measurement recording and\or attendance tracking, you need to make sure you have added all the users who will use the system. Use the SmileMe.In portal @ http://Portal.SmileMe.In to login with your admin credentials, to add new users. The system will show you the supported user types depending on […]