Timesheet allows administrators and managers to create projects and tasks and track the progress of each employee assigned to it, here is how:

  1. Start by creating a task by going to Time Tracking > Tasks > Create Task, fill in the information required then Save.

  2. Create a project by going to Time Tracking > Projects > Create Project, fill in all of the detail, choose the location, employees and tasks then Save.

  3. Now we are ready to add timesheet for employees we’ve assigned into our project by going to Time Tracking > Timesheet > click add. Choose your employee, user skill, location, project, task, date and time then Save.

    It should look like this:

    Please Note:
    * User skill and location are not mandatory.
    * You can add user skill to each user by going to Users > User Skills and create as many skills as you want, to assign a skill to a user visit their profile in Users > All Users > edit the user’s profile and add a skill.
    * We have 2 options in the time input, we can either add a start and end time or enter a total time by turning (Add Start & End Time) toggle on or off.
    * Employee needs to have a sign in record for the day you wish to add a timesheet record for (either from the kiosk or manually from manage attendance), if there was no attendance recorded for the employee the Save option will be dimmed.

  4. Timesheet records can be filtered by date, department also administrators and managers can track employees productivity hen download the report.

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