How to change the temperature unit on your Smart Thermal Kiosk

Steps: From the Hanshin Measurer app, go to the Settings screen by clicking on the account icon (located on the bottom right corner) Enable the  “Display in °Fahrenheit” checkbox if you want the temperature readings to be in °Fahrenheit Or, if you want the temperature readings to be in °Celsius, disable the “Display in °Fahrenheit” checkbox

How to reset your passcode using the phone app

Steps: Download the phone app from the app store:– If your company’s account is registered as a Workplace account, please download the Workplaces Co app (iOS/Android) from the app store– If your company’s account is registered as a School account, please download the School Co app (iOS/Android) from the app store Log into the phone […]

How to access the images captured from the Smart Thermal

If you have (or had) any of the “Capture Photo” options enabled in the Hanshin Measurer app settings, the captured images are stored locally on your device. Note: If you have associated your device to the SmileMe.In account, then images stored locally on your device are imported into your SmileMe.In cloud account and deleted from […]

How to upgrade the software version on your Smart Thermal Device

Steps: Make sure your Smart Thermal Device is connected to the internet Go to the Settings screen of the Hanshin Measurer app by clicking on the Account icon on the bottom right corner Take note of the the current version installed on your device; the version number is displayed at the bottom left corner of […]

How to delete facial recognition images for a user on the SmileMe.In Portal

If you have users created in the SmileMe.In portal, and have set up facial recognition for user(s), you may use your Admin account to manage these images from the SmileMe.In portal. Steps: 1) Login to the Portal with your Admin account2) Click Users from the side menu, then click All Users 3) Click on the name of the user you would […]

How to enable Facial Recognition for a user

Login to the SmileMe.In Portal using your Admin account Navigate to the “All users” page by clicking on Users from the side menu, then All Users from the sub-menu Open the User Info page for the user you would like to enable facial recognition for, by clicking the on the user’s name Click on User […]