How to link RFID to a user


  1. Scan the RFID (card, key fob, sticker,…) to the RFID reader in the Smart Thermal Device to get the RFID number/code.
    *Take note of the RFID number/code displayed at the bottom right corner of the Hanshin Measurer app.
  2. Login to the SmileMe.In portal with your Admin account credentials
  3. From the side menu, navigate to Users > All users page
  4. Edit the User you would like to link the RFID with
  5. In Edit User page, enter the RFID number/code in the RFID field
  6. Click Save
  7. All set! That user will now be associated to that RFID
  8. The next time the user scans his/her RFID using the Smart Thermal kiosk, an attendance record (with temperature reading) will be created for that user

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