Mask detection now supported!

Admin can enable the function to detect Face Mask and receive alert in the below cases, 

  • If the Mask was detected. 
  • If No Mask was detected. 
  • Or not to send alert at any case. 

To set-up Alerts to Mask Detection, please follow the below instructions: 

  • Navigate to Settings then Go to Health and Safety Settings. 
  • Set- up your preference to Mask Detection Alert as shown below, 

SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 09/20/21

The following changes have been made to the SmileMe.In portal: 

  • A room with stored photos cannot be deleted unless photos are deleted first. 
  • In Workplaces business type, Admin can send announcements to all employees within a certain/multiple departments 
  • In Education business type, Admin can send announcements to all Teachers/Guardians within a certain/multiple rooms 
  • In Sports business type, Admin can send announcements to all Coaches/Members/Guardians within a certain/multiple rooms, 

SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 09/02/21

The following changes have been made to the SmileMe.In portal:

  • Rating is now available at the top right of the screen beside the Feedback Icon for better user experience.
  • Manage Attendance was updated so that to allow Admin to view previously added values before adding new ones, when using the function “Update” for a certain user,

SmileMe.In New Features & Improvements – 08/06/2021

The following improvements and features have been made to the SmileMe.In Portal:

  1. Identification using facial recognition is activated by default while creating new location

  2. Ability to to permanently delete users via the below options:
    • To permanently delete a soft-deleted user (one user at a time):
      1. go to All Users page > Deleted Users tab
      2. mouse-hover over the targeted user to permanently delete him/her

    • To permanently delete multiple users:
      1. go to Users > Manage Users
      2. enable Deleted Users toggle, to get the list of soft-deleted users
      3. Bulk select the users that you need to permanently delete then select “Delete” from Actions

SmileMe.In New Features & Improvements – 7/15/2021

The following features & improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In portal:

Bulk Move Users feature:

  • Ability to bulk move users from one room/department to the other, or from one location to another.
  • This can be done by going to Manage Users page, select the users you would like to move, then click “Actions” then “Move

User type “Guardian” (in Education Facility type) can be moved to a different location, but can’t be moved to a room

SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 07/11/21

The following features & improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In portal:

  • Portal Enhancements:
    • Improved Portal look and feel (such as side menu color)
    • Enhancement to system email notifications that included images
    • Enhancement to the Portal Notifications feature

  • Manage Users page has been enhanced to include a Filter By option, so that you may filter the data by user’s date of birth or by creation date.
  • Enhancement to Delete Multiple Photos feature

SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 06/24/2021

The following features and improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In Portal:

  1. In Education business type:
    • User Types “Child, Children” are now renamed to “Student, Students”
    • Admin can now add an Email and Phone number to Students while adding them as new users or in Edit user mode
  2. Manage Subscription is now available only under the Subscription section for better User experience

  3. “General Settings” page renamed to Settings
  4. Settings Section is now divided into sub sections for a better User Experience. With the new design, you can expand or collapse the desired settings, apply the required changes then Save it

  5. Add a new report that can help with contact tracing. Now you can use the “Scans Report” to view and download the list of scans taken by users at a certain time and location.
    Ability to filter the results by the type of User “Employee, Student, Visitor”, you also can filter by the device room

  6. Present Users Report under the Safety Section will be labeled with Today’s date
  7. Enhancement to the User interface of Test Facial Recognition feature:
    This feature helps with troubleshooting facial recognition issues.
    Now, you can test facial recognition accuracy for a taken image (image in a scan, or user training image,..) by hovering your mouse on top of the image and clicking on the “Test Facial Recognition” button

SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 06/11/21

The following features & improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In portal:

  1. Admin can enable/disable Automatic Identification via Facial Recognition for certain locations as per business needs from the Edit Location section as shown below,

  2. Admin can set-up notifications to detect the presence or absence of face mask.
    You may enable notifications in case of detecting a face mask or not for scanned individuals from “General Settings” page under Health & Safety Settings.
    • ** Using a face mask will prevent successful identification via facial recognition. You may want to use RFID identification with face mask detection to get the full experience.
  3. Admin can set-up alerts for Health Questions’ Answers.
    You may enable notifications when one or more Health Questions answered with “Yes” or “No”, based on your preference.

  4. Test Facial Recognition updated so that to clear description of testing process for better user experience.

  5. Admin can edit payment info from the Subscription Section under Settings, by simply clicking on the edit icon, updating the info then click on Save.

  6. Education Service Type:
    • When admins are entering attendance records on behalf of guardians, now they will be able to specify the Guardian name in both single and bulk updates.
    • The ability to make the Gender field optional (contact support to request this feature to be enabled on your account)
    • Employees lunch orders are now displayed in the lunch reports in the portal.
  7. Portal Users can rate their experience by clicking on the Feedback link, write their feedback then set the rating and submit.
  8. Portal users can dismiss any displayed banners
  9. Total number of users in the account no longer include users under who are Pending Approval (added via online self-enrollment)
  10. Enhancements to the confirmation messages displayed to the admin when paying for next cycle or renewing the expired cycle
  11. UI Enhancements to the general settings page

SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 05/20/2021

The following features & improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In Portal:

  1. Custom Attendance Report:
    • Ability to customize an attendance report to display the data needed
    • Select which columns to include/exclude from the Custom Attendance report, then click “Apply”
    • Ability to export the report

  2. Bulk Delete Users:
    • Ability to bulk delete users. This can be done by navigating to Manage Users page (under “Users” menu)
    • Admin can execute a bulk delete by selecting targeted users then click Delete

  3. Safety feature:
    • Admins can quickly view present Users directly from the Safety page as shown in screenshot below
    • Also, the ability to set filter to view user that are not present

  4. Enhancement to “All Users” page:
    • Count of users (grouped by user type) is now displayed next to each tab in All Users page

  5. Test Facial Recognition feature:
    • This feature provides better insight to Admins on the facial recognition aspect. The icon is displayed above photos in Temp Log, Temp Management pages and also in “User Images” pop-up
    • Click on the “Test Recognition” icon located above the image to test how well the system recognizes the user in the photo
    • This will help Admins asses which user needs to add additional training images to improve recognition
    • Click on “Improve Recognition” button (displayed on Test Recognition pop-up for identified users) to add that image as a training image to improve that user’s recognition for future scans

  6. Enhancement to Temperature Log and Temperature reports:
    • Scans for unidentified users (users that were not identified by Face Recognition nor by RFID) will show up as “Unidentified” in Temp Log, Temp Management and General Report

  7. Enhancement to Manager role (Workplace Facility type):
    • When Managers log into the portal, they can view their Employees assigned to their deprtment.
    • Manager can view their Employees’ info (Temperature reports, Attendance reports) and manage their attendance

  8. Enhancement to Devices page:
    • Admin can view the status of the Paired device from the Devices section as shown below

  9. Manage Visitors Attendance:
    • Admin now has the ability to manage Visitor’s attendance (Add/Edit/Delete or Update attendance)

  10. Sports Facility type:
    1. “Other” membership type:
      Membership type “Other” is now an option to set in Create/Edit Members Children page, and also in Import Members
    2. Approve/Reject Enrollment requests:
      Admin can now approve or reject users’ enrollment requests from the Pending Approval Section under “All Users”

  11. Health Questions Settings:
    • Health Questions Settings is now displayed in separated section in General Settings page

  12. Miscellaneous Improvements:
    • Search by Name added to Temperature Log and Health Questions page
    • The Email used to register your account (displayed under General Settings) is now renamed to Billing Email and it can be updated from the same section
    • Enhancement to the display of the inactive and deleted users in All users page
    • Enhancement to the un-pairing process of GO handheld device
    • Enhancements to system emails
    • Admin can view the analytics for Users’ count from the Subscription section under Manage Subscription as shown below:

Thermal kiosk Software Update Version Q2.0.93

A new version (Q2.0.93) of the app is now available on your Thermal Kiosk.
This version will automatically show up as an available update on the settings screen of the Measurer app on your device.

Follow the instructions listed in this tutorial link on how to upgrade the software version on your device.
After installing the new version you may need to restart the thermal tablet by pressing on the power button located at the top left corner of the device.

Here is the list of improvements & changes

  • Improvement to the app stability & performance (address the issue of app shutdown)
  • Visual indicator for answer registered (Questionnaire pad):

  • Skip option for Health Questionnaire:
    For customers using the touchless questionnaire pad version of the device, there is now the ability to “Skip” answering the Health Questionnaire, by waving over the “No” pad.
    This gives the option to bypass the health questions and go straight to taking a temperature scan