Thermal kiosk Software Update Version 2.0.86 [Latest]

A new version (version 2.0.86) is now available for the Thermal Kiosk. This version will automatically show up as an available update on the settings screen of the Measurer app on your device. This update enhances the performance and includes overall improvements.

After installing the new version you may need to restart the thermal tablet by pressing on the power button located at the top left corner of the device.

Here is the list of improvements & changes

  • Increased the speed and default settings for uploading data to the cloud (set to upload after being idle for 2 sec)
  • Improvement to handling uploading to the cloud for devices that have intermittent internet connections.
  • Support for the new touchless questionnaire pad (May require hardware upgrade)
  • Set the default URL of the cloud server to point to FaceGraph by default
  • Adding support to two new languages (Arabic & Spanish)

Touchless Questionnaire Pad

Ability to answer health questions before getting your temperature taken

  • With the new touchless questionnaire pad, a person is prompted to answer 3 health questions before getting their temperature scanned
  • This requires a Touchless questionnaire pad, which is sold separately
  • The panel can be attached to your existing Thermal Kiosk, or you may purchase a Thermal Kiosk with the Touchless questionnaire pad

    • Important Note:
      To enable the Health questionnaire feature on your Thermal Kiosk, you must:
      1. Have the touchless questionnaire pad attached to the Thermal Kiosk
      2. and have the “Enable questionnaire system” option enabled in the settings screen of Measurer app

  • The answers to the health questions can be viewed in the SmileMe.In portal:
    • Health Questions Report

    • Exported General Report (“Excel Plus” option)

SmileMe.In Portal New Features and Improvements – 01/28/21

The following features and improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In Portal:

  1. Device Type changes:
    1. Thermal Tablet has been renamed to ‘10.1’ Thermal Scanner
    2. New device type added (GO Handheld Scanner)

  2. Ability to specify date range for the Employee Payroll Report

  3. Photo Gallery improvements:
    1. Ability to filter the photos in photo gallery page by date range
    2. Ability to select single, multiple or all photos in Photo Gallery page to delete them
    3. Improvement to the photo sorting

  4. Subscription side menu now shows the following sub menu:
    Settings (which navigates to Manage Subscription page)
    Payment History

  5. Enhancement to General Report:
    1. General Temperature Report can be downloaded with additional columns (such as: RFID, Location, User Type, Answers to Health Questions,… ) by selecting Excel Plus option
    2. Clicking on an image in the General Report will open up the image in a pop-up

  6. Health Questions report (for Workplace facility type)
    • Report that displays answers to the Health questions
      • To prompt the person to answer 3 health questions before being scanned, Touchless Questionnaire Pad is needed (sold separately)

      • If using Thermal Scanner without Touchless Questionnaire Pad, the answers to the health questions will be blank
      • For more details on Health Questionnaire feature, please click this link.

  7. Enhancement to Import Users feature:
    Country code will be required if a phone number value has been added in the import template

  8. Fixes to the “Maximum Acceptable Distance” field when enabling “Require location proximity for attendance recording” option in Add/Edit Location page

  9. Enhancement to the Members Daily report (for Sports facility type)

  10. Enhancement to the user quota calculation on the account

  11. Enhancements to the Linking feature in Temperature Log page

  12. General performance and visual enhancements

SmileMe.In Portal update – 01/15/2021

The following features and improvements have been applied to SmileMe.In Portal:

1- Ability to add and manage visitor users:

  • Create/Edit/Delete users of type visitor
  • Ability to link scans to visitors
  • Enable facial recognition for visitors
  • Assign RFID to a visitor

2- A subscription reminder (popup and banner) will be displayed in the portal before the subscription expires, and general enhancement to subscription

3- Ability to filter by Pass/Fail in the Temperature Log (when Pass/Fail setting is enabled)

4- Ability to choose to associate RFID to a user while linking a scan from the Temperature Log page , or not.

5- Changed the email field to be a required field for administrators to prevent account lock out

6- Added support for South Africa provinces

7- Improvement to the maximum acceptable distance for attendance recording 

8- Photo Gallery enhancement

9- Requiring the RFID to be unique across all customers

10- Enhancement to the self-enrollment form

11- Identification enhancements

12- Enhancement to Payment History page

13- Improvement to the Add Guardian feature in School Co app

Exporting locally stored scans

To export the records saved locally on the Thermal Kiosk, follow the steps below:

  1. Plug in a USB stick into the USB port located on the bottom of the Kiosk (to transfer the data to)
  2. Launch the Hanshin Measurer app
  3. Using a mouse, click on the calendar icon displayed on the bottom left corner of the
  4. Select the start date and end date for the data you want exported
  5. If you would like to export the data for multiple years, please export each year separately (ex: export December 2020 then export January 2021 separately)
  6. From the lower section of the screen, click USB and open the sub folder you would like the data to be exported to
  7. Click Export
    Note: The data is in CSV format