SmileMe.In Portal update – 01/15/2021

The following features and improvements have been applied to SmileMe.In Portal:

1- Ability to add and manage visitor users:

  • Create/Edit/Delete users of type visitor
  • Ability to link scans to visitors
  • Enable facial recognition for visitors
  • Assign RFID to a visitor

2- A subscription reminder (popup and banner) will be displayed in the portal before the subscription expires, and general enhancement to subscription

3- Ability to filter by Pass/Fail in the Temperature Log (when Pass/Fail setting is enabled)

4- Ability to choose to associate RFID to a user while linking a scan from the Temperature Log page , or not.

5- Changed the email field to be a required field for administrators to prevent account lock out

6- Added support for South Africa provinces

7- Improvement to the maximum acceptable distance for attendance recording 

8- Photo Gallery enhancement

9- Requiring the RFID to be unique across all customers

10- Enhancement to the self-enrollment form

11- Identification enhancements

12- Enhancement to Payment History page

13- Improvement to the Add Guardian feature in School Co app

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