Thermal kiosk Software Update Version Q2.0.90

A new version (V Q2.0.90) is now available for the Thermal Kiosk.
This version will automatically show up as an available update on the settings screen of the Measurer app on your device.

Follow the instructions listed in this tutorial link on how to upgrade the software version on your device.
After installing the new version you may need to restart the thermal tablet by pressing on the power button located at the top left corner of the device.

Here is the list of improvements & changes

  • Improvement to app stability & performance
  • Improvement to the process of answering questions using the Thermal Scanner health questionnaire pad (applies to models with answering pad only)

SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 03/25/21

The following features and improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In Portal:

  1. Notifications feature:
    – Ability to view FaceGraph announcements from the Portal
    – Announcement will be displayed under the notifications icon on the top right corner of the Portal
    – Click on the bell icon to view notification details

  2. Subscription related enhancements:
    – Ability to view number of users in your account from the Subscription Settings page
    – Ability to permanently delete users even while account subscription is expired, so you can renew your account subscription based on the adjusted user count
    – Enhancement to the Subscription reminder email, to alert customers 5 days prior to subscription expiration (this is in the case auto-renewal option is not enabled)

  3. Acceptable Facial Recognition Accuracy:
    – Ability to specify the acceptable accuracy percentage for facial recognition
    – This is done by modifying the value in General Settings page
    – The recommendation (and default) is set to 69%
    – Decreasing the percentage allows the system to identify users (who are face trained) with a lower recognition confidence

  4. Ability to export the Employee Monthly Attendance Report, in PDF or Excel format

SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 3/09/21

The following changes have been made to the SmileMe.In portal:

  1. Health Questions
    – Detailed answers are now available in the Health Questions report, for both identified and unidentified Users
    – Answers from scans made in that day are grouped by each user
    – Ability to export the Health Questions report in PDF or Excel format

  2. New banner added under Temperature Settings on General Settings page, to clarify the impact of changes made to High Temperature Alert value

  3. For devices with a long name (longer than 19 characters), the Device name will trail off in Temperature reports as shown below

  4. Enhancements to the Feedback feature, to allow for longer text

  5. General enhancements to the interface of the portal and reports

How to Upgrade your Account Subscription

Subscription upgrades can be done from the Portal by going to Manage Subscription page then updating your subscription as follows:

  1.  Login to the portal then click Subscription  Settings from the side menu
  2. Add Payment Details (Credit Card that will be used to process the upgrade)
  3. Click Update Subscription button
  4. Select the desired Tier from the Tier drop down > click Submit button

  5. All set! The upgrade will take effect on your upcoming billing cycle

If you have any questions, or need the upgrade to be effective immediately, please contact support at

How to access the Log file on your 10.2″ Thermal Scanner

  1. Plug in a USB mouse and USB stick to your Thermal Scanner
  2. Click on File Manager located on the device desktop
  3. Click Local Memory > eHanshin folder
  4. EventLog is the log file needed
  5. Do a long left click on EventLog file to see the Copy action
  6. Click Copy, then right click to navigate up in the directory till you reach the USB drive
  7. Click to open USB folder, then do a long left click to see the Paste action
  8. Once inside the USB folder, click Paste
  9. All set! the log file should now be copied onto the USB drive

SmileMe.In New Features & Improvements – 03/02/2021

The following changes have been made to the SmileMe.In portal:

  1. Employee (Monthly) attendance report has been enhanced to display multiple attendance records in each day (detailed records view)

  2. Enhancement to the device pairing process:
    Once you add a new device in the portal, a pop- up message will appear with instructions on how to complete the process of associating your device (Thermal Scanner/Handheld thermal device) to your SmileMe.In account.

  3. Additional Temperature Alert settings have been added:

    High Temperature:
    This is the temperature setting that is enabled by default for all accounts.
    This means the system will send an alert when a scan exceeds the specified temperature threshold value.
    High Temperature alerts will be sent to Location Admin(s) and specified temperature alert recipients

    – All:
    This temperature setting makes the system send out an alert for every new scan taken (regardless of the temperature value of the scan)
    Temperature alerts will be sent to Location Admin(s) and specified temperature alert recipients
    **Please ensure this is the desired setting before enabling it

    If you enable this temperature setting, temperature alerts will *NOT* be sent, even if there is a high temperature.
    Temperature alerts will NOT be sent to anyone in your account.
    **Please ensure this is the desired setting before enabling it

  4. Enhancement to the Health Questions page to display the time stamp next to each scan.
    Please note that a contact-less questionnaire pad (sold separately) is needed for users to answer Health Questions when taking a scan. This is optional.

  5. Enhancement to the Import Users feature in Sports facility types

  6. Enhancement to the system emails