SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 03/25/21

The following features and improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In Portal:

  1. Notifications feature:
    – Ability to view FaceGraph announcements from the Portal
    – Announcement will be displayed under the notifications icon on the top right corner of the Portal
    – Click on the bell icon to view notification details

  2. Subscription related enhancements:
    – Ability to view number of users in your account from the Subscription Settings page
    – Ability to permanently delete users even while account subscription is expired, so you can renew your account subscription based on the adjusted user count
    – Enhancement to the Subscription reminder email, to alert customers 5 days prior to subscription expiration (this is in the case auto-renewal option is not enabled)

  3. Acceptable Facial Recognition Accuracy:
    – Ability to specify the acceptable accuracy percentage for facial recognition
    – This is done by modifying the value in General Settings page
    – The recommendation (and default) is set to 69%
    – Decreasing the percentage allows the system to identify users (who are face trained) with a lower recognition confidence

  4. Ability to export the Employee Monthly Attendance Report, in PDF or Excel format

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