Touchless Questionnaire Pad

Ability to answer health questions before getting your temperature taken

  • With the new touchless questionnaire pad, a person is prompted to answer 3 health questions before getting their temperature scanned
  • This requires a Touchless questionnaire pad, which is sold separately
  • The panel can be attached to your existing Thermal Kiosk, or you may purchase a Thermal Kiosk with the Touchless questionnaire pad

    • Important Note:
      To enable the Health questionnaire feature on your Thermal Kiosk, you must:
      1. Have the touchless questionnaire pad attached to the Thermal Kiosk
      2. and have the “Enable questionnaire system” option enabled in the settings screen of Measurer app

  • The answers to the health questions can be viewed in the SmileMe.In portal:
    • Health Questions Report

    • Exported General Report (“Excel Plus” option)

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