SmileMe.In Portal New Features and Improvements – 01/28/21

The following features and improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In Portal:

  1. Device Type changes:
    1. Thermal Tablet has been renamed to ‘10.1’ Thermal Scanner
    2. New device type added (GO Handheld Scanner)

  2. Ability to specify date range for the Employee Payroll Report

  3. Photo Gallery improvements:
    1. Ability to filter the photos in photo gallery page by date range
    2. Ability to select single, multiple or all photos in Photo Gallery page to delete them
    3. Improvement to the photo sorting

  4. Subscription side menu now shows the following sub menu:
    Settings (which navigates to Manage Subscription page)
    Payment History

  5. Enhancement to General Report:
    1. General Temperature Report can be downloaded with additional columns (such as: RFID, Location, User Type, Answers to Health Questions,… ) by selecting Excel Plus option
    2. Clicking on an image in the General Report will open up the image in a pop-up

  6. Health Questions report (for Workplace facility type)
    • Report that displays answers to the Health questions
      • To prompt the person to answer 3 health questions before being scanned, Touchless Questionnaire Pad is needed (sold separately)

      • If using Thermal Scanner without Touchless Questionnaire Pad, the answers to the health questions will be blank
      • For more details on Health Questionnaire feature, please click this link.

  7. Enhancement to Import Users feature:
    Country code will be required if a phone number value has been added in the import template

  8. Fixes to the “Maximum Acceptable Distance” field when enabling “Require location proximity for attendance recording” option in Add/Edit Location page

  9. Enhancement to the Members Daily report (for Sports facility type)

  10. Enhancement to the user quota calculation on the account

  11. Enhancements to the Linking feature in Temperature Log page

  12. General performance and visual enhancements