Wi-Fi- and network settings for the Temperature measurement Kiosk

Connection issues troubleshooting:  

1. Plug in a mouse, click with the right button to exit the measure app. 

2. Go to Settings (the gear ⚙️ icon) then Wi-Fi. Make sure you’re connected to a network. 

– If it keeps on showing “saved” please click on forget the network and connect again and make sure you’re entering the correct Wi-Fi password.  

3. Got to the Browser and try going to any website to see if the internet is working. If you can’t access any website move to the next step. 

4. Try connecting the FaceGraph device with an Ethernet cable, go to the Browser then try accessing any website. If you can’t access any website move to the next step 

5. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is 2.4Ghz (Wi-Fi 5Ghz is not supported), also your network encryption should be WPA2, if it’s WPA or WPA3 please contact your IT desk to change it to WPA2. 

6. If your Wi-Fi is still not working, please contact our customer support on +1 408-337-2013 or email Support@facegraph.com. 

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