SmileMe.In New Features and Improvements – 06/24/2021

The following features and improvements have been made to the SmileMe.In Portal:

  1. In Education business type:
    • User Types “Child, Children” are now renamed to “Student, Students”
    • Admin can now add an Email and Phone number to Students while adding them as new users or in Edit user mode
  2. Manage Subscription is now available only under the Subscription section for better User experience

  3. “General Settings” page renamed to Settings
  4. Settings Section is now divided into sub sections for a better User Experience. With the new design, you can expand or collapse the desired settings, apply the required changes then Save it

  5. Add a new report that can help with contact tracing. Now you can use the “Scans Report” to view and download the list of scans taken by users at a certain time and location.
    Ability to filter the results by the type of User “Employee, Student, Visitor”, you also can filter by the device room

  6. Present Users Report under the Safety Section will be labeled with Today’s date
  7. Enhancement to the User interface of Test Facial Recognition feature:
    This feature helps with troubleshooting facial recognition issues.
    Now, you can test facial recognition accuracy for a taken image (image in a scan, or user training image,..) by hovering your mouse on top of the image and clicking on the “Test Facial Recognition” button

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