How to turn off the Questionnaire Feature on your Thermal Scanner

The Questionnaire feature is only applicable if you have the Touchless Questionnaire Pad (sold separately) or sold built-in in newer models.

If you see the following screen upon launching the Scanning app on your Thermal Scanner, that indicates the “Questionnaire” setting is enabled

Note: On versions 2.0.82 and 2.0.83, the “Questionnaire” setting is enabled by default, so please deselect it of you do not have the Touchless Questionnaire Pad.

To disable the Questionnaire feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Measurer App settings screen by clicking on the top right corner, as indicated in this screenshot:
  2. In newer versions you should see a silhouette icon towards the middle of the screen that you should be clicking on to go to the settings page:
  1. Deselect the “Enable Questionnaire System” option

  2. Update to the latest version if needed
    Note: Ensure your device is connected to the internet to see the latest available update

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